Actor Jim Carrey UNHINGED, Rips ‘One-Man Gomorrah’ Trump in Most Disturbing Tweet to Date

Canadian actor Jim Carrey just came unhinged.

According to him, President Donald Trump is a ‘one-man Gomorrah’ and the recent ballistic missile warning in Hawai’i was his fault.

He then went on to attack every Republican in Congress as corrupt.

What was he thinking?

From Breitbart:

Actor Jim Carrey warned that President Donald Trump’s insistence on ‘alienating the world’ will eventually thrust America into unimaginable agony.

“I woke up this morning in Hawaii with ten minutes to live,” Carrey wrote on Twitter Saturday, apparently referencing a Emergency Alert System (EAS) message sent to citizens of Hawaii warning them to “seek immediate shelter” from a “ballistic missile threat.”

“It was a false alarm, but a real psychic warning,” Carrey continued, adding of Trump, “If we allow this one-man Gomorrah and his corrupt Republican congress to continue alienating the world we are headed for suffering beyond all imagination. ;^\”

Independent Journal Review has reactions to Carrey’s tweet:

Carrey needs help – badly!