BOOOOM! Watch ABC Reporter Try To Attack Sean Spicer Get Destroyed In Front Of The Whole Press Corps

Image Source: AHG

ABC’s Jonathan Karl tried to take a shot at Sean Spicer and then immediately regretted it!

He tried to make the claim that Obama didn’t wiretap Trump Tower during the election and then Sean Spicer went off on him for his lies.

Sean Spicer then proceeded to use the mainstream media’s own words against them.

Spicer proceeded to completely destroy Jonathan Karl for 12 minutes.

Watch Spicer just completely unload on these people.

This man the only person standing between President Trump and the lies of the mainstream media.

Let’s give him a round of applause for trying to show basic logic and common sense to the lying media.

The mainstream media is trying to share that their wasn’t any “wiretapping” of Trump Tower but as Sean Spicer says, President Trump meant surveillance when he said wiretapping.

Wiretapping is a common catch all term and much easier to say computer monitoring of bank records and transactions.

The lying media is trying everything they can to try and tear down President Trump but Sean Spicer just used their own words and headlines against them to shut them down!

This man is incredible and this is exactly why President Trump picked him.

Share this everywhere to show that Sean Spicer is smarter than every reporter in that room!