4 Dead In Mass Stabbing In CA – Man Goes On Multi-Scene Rampage Indiscriminately Killing


A 33-year-old Hispanic man in Santa Ana, California went on a two-hour stabbing spree before being apprehended by police, resulting in four people being killed, and two people left wounded.

The attacks began at an apartment complex, where police were called to a robbery in progress. The suspect then went to a nearby bakery, but no one was injured.

After returning to the apartment complex, where two people were stabbed, the assailant then robbed a check-cashing business. Police say he then stabbed a woman while robbing an insurance business nearby.

The suspect attacked another person with a knife as large as a machete, slashing him across the face, at a gas station according to eyewitnesses.

The attacker then robbed a Subway before going to a 7-11, where he killed the security guard and took his firearm. CBS Los Angeles reports police arrested the armed man as he was leaving the store.

Police said the suspect’s only known motive for the attacks was because he was “full of anger” and described the attacks as “random and hate-filled.”

“We are all holding the ones we love closer tonight after learning of the shocking, violent attacks in Orange County. Sending love to our neighbors in Santa Ana and Garden Grove,” Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti tweeted.


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